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Pidgin 2.2.1 (bugfix) settembre 30, 2007

Posted by linuxiano in chat, Linux, multimedia, Note su Linux, pidgin.
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E’ uscita iera la nuova versione di Pidgin, niente di nuovo, in questo upgrade c’è solo la correzione di alcuni bug:

* A few build issues on Solaris were fixed.
* Cancelling the password prompt for an account will no longer leave
it in an ambiguous state. (It will be disabled.)
* Fixed an erroneous size display for MSN file transfers. (galt)
* Fixed multiple memory leaks, articularly in XMPP and MySpace protocols
* Fixed remembering proxy preferences and status scores
* Gmail notifications are better tracked

* Fixed keyboard tab reordering to move tabs one step instead of two.
* You should no longer lose proxy settings when Pidgin is restarted.
* Fixed detection of X11 when compiling

* Pressing ‘Insert’ in the buddylist will bring up the ‘Add Buddy’ dialog.


Pidgin 2.1.0 luglio 31, 2007

Posted by linuxiano in chat, Linux, multimedia, Note su Linux, pidgin.

E’ stata rilasciata la nuova versione di Pidgin, la 2.1.0…
Le novità introdotte in questa versione sono le seguenti:

* Core changes to allow UIs to use second-granularity for scheduling. Pidgin and Finch, which use the glib event loop, were changed to use g_timeout_add_seconds() on glib >= 2.14 when possible. This allows glib to better group our longer timers to increase power fficiency. (Arjan van de Ven with Intel Corporation)
* No longer linkifies screennames containing @ signs in join/part notifications in chats
* With the HTML logger, images in conversations are now saved. NOTE: Saved images are not yet displayed when loading logs.
* Added support for QIP logs to the Log Reader plugin (Michael Shkutkov)

* Ensure only one copy of Pidgin is running with a given configuration directory. The net effect of this is that trying to start Pidgin a second time will raise the buddy list. (Gabriel Schulhof)
* Undo capability in the conversation window
* The formatting toolbar has been reorganized to be more concise.
* A new status area has been added to the top of conversations to provide additional detail about the buddy, including buddy icon, protocol and status message.
* Show idle times in the buddy list as days, hours, seconds

* There’s support for workspaces now (details in the manpage)
* There’s a new custom window manager, Irssi
* Some improvements for tab-completion, tooltip and the password entries
* Some bugs regarding search results fixed
* A new DBus-script to create a docklet for finch
* Support for showing empty groups in the buddy list (Eric Polino)