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Frugalware 0.9pre1 ‘Solaria’ maggio 15, 2008

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E’ stata annunciata la prima techical prewiev della versione 0.9 che avrà il nome di ‘Solaria’.
I cambiamenti dalla versione precedente (kalgan) son stati questi:

The network configuration utility now lists card details next to interface names, in case you would now know what is the interface name for your cards.
The USB installer is now a plain image, you can copy it to your USB stick under any operating system (you needed a running Linux system to install the previous version).
Changed the CHOST variable to $arch-frugalware-linux from a mix of $arch-pc-linux-gnu / $arch-unknown-linux, which generally causes more consistency and helps reporting bugs for upstream developers.
Improved security and general user support. We work together with other Linux vendors to provide better security support, and now our forums are mirrored on a mailing list, so more developers can help you.
More than 150 other minor features / bugs have been implemented / fixed resulting in more than 2400 changes since the last release.

Package updates:
Linux 2.6.25 + security fixes
GCC 4.3.0
GNOME 2.22
More than 900 other package updates

New packages:
About 40 new Java library
Several new Drupal modules
Many new octave modules.
More than 150 other new packages